Female Beauty Secrets

By | 7th December 2010

What female beauty secrets do you know? Although this can be argued at on different levels, depending on the master critic, where in this case can either be a man or a woman, the beauty secrets could be diverse. To say that someone looks beautiful, you can either be honest, flattering or just saying it to make the anticipated person feel loved. The media has played a very big role towards spreading the propaganda of beauty and hence living the target people empty handed without proper focus on the topic in discussion. What do we mean when we speak of beauty? In simple terms, this is what is appreciated when the heart is fulfilled with what the eyes see and what the brain incorporates.

When you look at someone for the first time, your brain processes that information so fast and hence sends the processed information to the heart for further evaluation before you agree that the thing or person you see is indeed beautiful. Let us say that you are a judge in a music contest, unless you put your brain and your heart as well as your soul to practice and hence have their full attention narrowed to the performers, you might end up making the wrong judgment. This is the same case when it comes to defining the term beauty. It is simply what the eyes see, makes a judgment, passes it to the brain and hence the information continues traveling all the way to the heart, and all this happens within a fraction of a second! We can transform what people say about us. Generally, when we wake up from the bed each morning, we don’t look that beautiful. Actually, no one does, but after taking shower, and applying some make up then later dressing elegantly, the entire beauty is triggered back to us, and passerby’s won’t forget to notice and even if not loudly, they will comment in their hearts that you simply look stunning.

Female beauty secrets are all about what we wear, how we walk, how we talk and other things that define us as humans. A woman who learns how to talk, and dress cannot be called a hypocrite. This is because beauty isn’t something that will come along, we shall have to learn how to adapt to it, and the beginning point of it is to start wearing make-up and attractive looking clothes. There are women that don’t wear make-up but still end up looking hot. We cannot compare ourselves with those women since beauty according to science can also be a factor of natural selection. Although we believe that God creates human beings, during procreation, we need to select by heart, eye and mind a person that will bond well so that the offspring also looks beautiful. Beauty can originate from our genes and thus why we can control what we have. Sperm donors and people that purchase them choose carefully depending on the portraits of the donors as well as character description for that can be another element of beauty secret in females.