Top gifts for the ladies for 2014

By | 7th December 2014

Women are hard to gift. If you buy a gift for her for any event, it should be well thought out. The thought counts, but the prestige is a real deal maker. While some women have reservations on fabulous “gifts for her” some women are more than happy to receive stylish and appealing items. The most important thing is to identify their interests and not be limited by stereotypical gifts or items that we believe are female friendly. To help you out, we present this comprehensive list of amazing gifts you should consider for 2012.

The fabulous scarf

Silk scarves are fabulous gifts for her. In fact high quality and opulent scarves are gifted by grandmothers to their granddaughters like family heirlooms. With the popularity of Hermes scarves, we have seen a great number of fashion houses from all spectrums, offering beautiful scarves with ornate hand painted details or stylish details. They can be used as handbag accents, or wrist decoration apart from being used around the neck, as a belt or as head covering. A silk scarf can liven up any outfit and transform your look from simple to fabulous. Thus, this is a nice gift to offer the ladies who are very much stylish now than ever.

Gadgets and electronics

Women love gadgets just as men do. From e-readers, tablets to laptops and phones, there is a wide range of gadget options to give to women. A perfect alternative, if you do not like to go all out and generous, would be gift vouchers for electronic shops or on iTunes. Some women really prefer to be given gift certificates from iTunes so that they can buy the apps that they want or accessories that they like for their gadgets.

A therapeutic experience

From spas, gyms, to aesthetic salons or even nail centers, women love to have some pampering every now and then. It is a wise gift for her to send in some vouchers from makeup stores, beauty salons, treatment centers. You can also send in gift checks for aromatherapy kits and other products that you think they will appreciate.

A touch of culture

Nowadays, you can buy some amazing things from all over the world using the internet. From cheeses from Italy, Champagne from France and ornate wooden furniture from Thailand, there is so much that the internet can offer. This is an ideal gift for her if she has an eclectic style or if she is someone who likes to enjoy dishes and decorations from around the world.

The stylish bag and ladies accessories

Classic gifts like wristwatches, a purse, a nice make up bag or a jewelry piece are still very popular for the ladies. A hint of luxury is never bad. Sometimes, you just have to feel that you care for her and she will appreciate it if the items you give are authentic.

Décor galore

Interior decoration also tends to be hot deals for 2012. More women are now thinking of moving into apartments and condominiums and home décor can be a fabulous gift. You can give them a voucher for the interior design store or maybe a nice art work. You can also buy art prints of her favorite paintings.